Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: 'bout
IPA transcription: [b'aʊt]
Usage examples
  • 'Bout ship, mates!
  • "Jimmy go look 'bout.
  • 'Bout three mile, I'd say.
  • "As the eagle flies, 'bout twelve miles.
  • "Jim Lane lives up the trail 'bout half a quarter.
  • "Ain't much to tell, sir, 'bout them folks," replied the agent.
  • "'Bout as far as I can get, in this country," the boy replied, gazing out over the water.
  • "They needn't worry 'bout that," replied Trot; "the Snubnoses hate me worse than the people do."
  • I know they're to home 'cause they was a fixin' t' leave the mill when I left 'bout an hour ago. Was the river up much when you come acrost?" As the native spoke he was still peering uneasily into the woods.