Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: abner
IPA transcription: ['æbnɚ]
Usage examples
  • As Abner spoke, the procession set forth.
  • "I won't go home, to be laughed at by Chris and Abner.
  • The visit of Senator Abner Dilworthy was an event in Hawkeye.
  • Where did you shoot her?" asked Abner, stooping to examine the creature.
  • Abner said there was an old cabin, where the hunters used to sleep, somewhere round that way.
  • It was Abner, Chris, and some of the neighbors, setting out again on their search, after a night of vain wandering.
  • So vivid was it that he woke himself by crying out, "Here I am!" and nearly went over the ledge, stretching out his arms to Abner.
  • To-morrow we are going up the mountain, and I'm set on trying again, for Abner says the big woods are the place to find the 'varmint'.
  • Abner said they purred and snarled and gave a mewing sort of cry; but which it was now he could not tell, having unfortunately been half asleep.
  • Anxious to report himself alive, and relieve his mother's anxiety, he pressed on till he struck the path, and soon saw, not far away, the old cabin Abner had spoken of.