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Word: abolitionist
IPA transcription: [,æbəl'ɪʃənəst]
Pronunciations of abolitionist
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: abolitionist, emancipationist
    Meaning: a reformer who favors abolishing slavery
Usage examples
  • There was a fruitless effort at compromise, which to Lovejoy meant merely surrender, and which he firmly rejected. The threats of the mob were answered by defiance; from the little band that surrounded the abolitionist.
  • For although Aunt Hannah was destitute of book-learning she was nevertheless a woman of thought and natural ability, and while she wisely kept her counsel from her mistress she took care to make her wants known to an abolitionist.
  • He was opposed to the hanging of Jefferson Davis; and with Gerritt Smith, a well-known abolitionist, and about twenty others, he signed Mr. Davis's bail-bond for one hundred thousand dollars, which released him from prison at Fortress Monroe, where he had been for two years.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Benjamin Franklin, License CC BY-SA 4.0