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Word: abrupt
IPA transcription: [əbɹ'ʌpt]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: abrupt, disconnected
    Meaning: marked by sudden changes in subject and sharp transitions; "abrupt prose"
  • Synonyms: abrupt
    Meaning: exceedingly sudden and unexpected; "came to an abrupt stop"; "an abrupt change in the weather"
Usage examples
  • To ease it he made an abrupt dash at the truth.
  • The Incognita coloured at this abrupt demand, but remained silent.
  • This was certainly rather an abrupt and unconnected mode of commencing conversation.
  • Michael, with as abrupt an agility, caught one of the beams of the cross and saved himself from falling.
  • It seemed abrupt, but I thought maybe the reader wouldn't notice it, because I changed the subject right away to something else.
  • It shocks one by its abrupt but by no means fantastic transitions. The key color is changeful, and the fluctuating themes are well contrasted.
  • It seemed to me that the falling stones were meeting with an earlier resistance, and that the concussion gave a more abrupt and deadened sound.
  • He suddenly stopped short in his talk, cast a reproachful look at his companion, and, with an abrupt nod to myself, turned and marched off alone across the street.
  • The long line of battlements, the massive buttresses, the angular entrance cut through solid rock, crooked, abrupt, with places where fighting men can lie in ambush, all is as Shakespeare knew it.
  • The railway track wound in and out among the passes, now approaching the mountain-sides, now suspended over precipices, avoiding abrupt angles by bold curves, plunging into narrow defiles, which seemed to have no outlet.