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Word: accentuated
IPA transcription: [æks'ɛntʃu,eɪtɪd]
Usage examples
  • Everywhere the glare accentuated this toneless melancholy.
  • His work "took" because of its coarser qualities, the accentuated bitterness, the startling irony, the vigorous, characteristic phrase.
  • He had even begun to notice in himself a growing feeling that was almost of hatred for the creature. Perhaps this hatred was accentuated by the fact that when Ivan first came to the neighborhood he had felt quite differently.
  • He was a crippled old mountain man, with a profound contempt for "tenderfeet," a contempt that in my case was accentuated by the fact that I wore spectacles--which at that day and in that region were usually held to indicate a defective moral character in the wearer.