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Word: adela
IPA transcription: [əd'ɛlə]
Pronunciations of adela
Usage examples
  • "Oh, Adela, I do so long to see it."
  • "That's just because you are a boy," sniffed Adela.
  • "Well, it's much better to see the pictures," said Adela.
  • "Well, you'll stare worse than ever now," said Adela, in an important way.
  • When they neared Paris, Adela drew herself up in her corner of the compartment.
  • "Oh, those don't go into the Bois de Boulogne," cried Adela, in a tone of horror.
  • "Well, that old statue will wait, too," cried Adela, pulling her off into another gallery.
  • "I should think it would be," cried Polly, beaming at her, and answering the first part of Adela's sentence.
  • "Yes," said Adela, "that's best of all, and it doesn't cost anything; so Mademoiselle takes us there very often."
  • "I've been staring all the time since we started on our journey, Adela, as hard as I could," said Polly, laughing.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording William II of England, License CC BY-SA 4.0