Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: afflictions
IPA transcription: [əfl'ɪkʃənz]
Usage examples
  • This fatal event, however, seemed to be a stream of woe poured into my cup of afflictions, filling it even to overflowing, and blasting all my prospects.
  • It was hard to realize that a refined, beautiful and educated girl had made so sad a mistake of her life and suffered so many afflictions as a consequence.
  • But, alas! my child, what can we do for you?--To partake our hard lot, and involve yourself into as hard a life, would not help us, but add to your afflictions.
  • In passing, I may mention that among the other afflictions that jointly compelled the abandonment of the voyage, was one that is variously called the healthy man’s disease, European Leprosy, and Biblical Leprosy. Unlike True Leprosy, nothing is known of this mysterious malady.