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Word: agony
IPA transcription: ['æɡəni]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: agony, torment, torture
    Meaning: intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain; "an agony of doubt"; "the torments of the damned"
  • Synonyms: agony, suffering, excruciation
    Meaning: a state of acute pain
Usage examples
  • Agony leaped into her eyes.
  • 'I was in an agony of discomfort.
  • In her agony of despair, sleep descended, and she slept.
  • 'OH, take care!' cried Anthea in an agony of apprehension.
  • I wept bitterly, and clasping my hands in agony, I exclaimed, "Oh!
  • I do not like to look back to the agony and suspense of that moment.
  • It was a small dog, apparently in the last agony of death from thirst.
  • But the agony of my wound overcame me; my pulses paused, and I fainted.
  • The agony in her head was excruciating, and her limbs felt cramped and bruised.
  • There was a wild scream of agony and then a dark arm shot up above the red foam.