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Word: agrees
IPA transcription: [əɡɹ'iz]
Pronunciations of agrees
Usage examples
  • With this my interpretation the time agrees.
  • "Let me take this up to Durham, and if he agrees you can be arrested."
  • If this agrees with him, and he keeps in fair condition, continue the regimen.
  • I have also taken to smoke the leaves of the nux vomica, steeped in arrack, and think it agrees with me.
  • He agrees with me it really would be advisable to take such a very old and prudent and practical friend into our confidence.
  • For in this case we can readily distinguish whether the action which agrees with duty is done from duty, or from a selfish view.
  • Modern astronomers have calculated back when it should have occurred, and the observed time agrees very closely with the actual, but not exactly.
  • He asks, however, whether his maxim of neglect of his natural gifts, besides agreeing with his inclination to indulgence, agrees also with what is called duty.
  • Nevertheless I am conscious in my own self, and the world agrees with me in thinking that I do speak better and have more to say about Homer than any other man.
  • Most of humanity agrees that there is some way out. But as to what is the way out, I do not think that there are two institutions in the universe which contradict each other so flatly as Buddhism and Christianity.
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