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Word: agrippa
IPA transcription: [əɡɹ'ɪpə]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Agrippa, Marcus_Vipsanius_Agrippa
    Meaning: Roman general who commanded the fleet that defeated the forces of Antony and Cleopatra at Actium (63-12 BC)
Usage examples
  • This was very ill taken by Agrippa, who after that became his enemy.
  • What Other Acts Were Done By Agrippa Until His Death; And After What Manner He Died.
  • Now Agrippa, the son of the deceased, was at Rome, and brought up with Claudius Caesar.
  • When Agrippa had finished what I have above related at Berytus, he removed to Tiberias, a city of Galilee.
  • Now as to this determination of Agrippa, it is not so much to be admired, for at that time our nation had not made war against the Romans.
  • He was therefore disposed to send Agrippa, junior, away presently to succeed his father in the kingdom, and was willing to confirm him in it by his oath.
  • What Things Were Done After The Death Of Agrippa; And How Claudius, On Account Of The Youth And Unskilfulness Of Agrippa, Junior, Sent Cuspius Fadus To Be Procurator Of Judea, And Of The Entire Kingdom.
  • And when Caesar was informed that Agrippa was dead, and that the inhabitants of Sebaste and Cesarea had abused him, he was sorry for the first news, and was displeased with the ingratitude of those cities.
  • It was, as I have already said, of old called the Citadel; but afterwards got the name of Antonia, when Antony was [lord of the East], just as the other cities, Sebaste and Agrippias, had their names changed, and these given them from Sebastus and Agrippa.
  • But before the multitude were made acquainted with Agrippa's being expired, Herod the king of Chalcis, and Helcias the master of his horse, and the king's friend, sent Aristo, one of the king's most faithful servants, and slew Silas, who had been their enemy, as if it had been done by the king's own command.