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Word: amid
IPA transcription: [əm'ɪd]
Pronunciations of amid
Usage examples
  • Always at incalculable speed! Always amid the High Arctic mists!
  • These huge antlers could grow only amid the forests of the Rockies.
  • Humbled now, he sought the answer amid the ruins of his self-conceit.
  • All the papers say that the vote of confidence was passed amid scenes of enthusiasm."
  • He died the death of a saint a few years later, amid the blessings of all the people whom he had helped.
  • Imagine the aspect of such a reservoir, brim full and running over with liquid fire amid the rolling thunder.
  • She appeared like some tender plant of the garden blooming accidentally amid the hardier natives of the fields.
  • Passing amid the deepest shade Of the wood's sombre heart, Last night I saw a wounded deer Laid lonely and apart.
  • The old stone church with its square tower stood amid trees, its eastern window faintly aglow with crimson and purple.
  • And so, amid the shopping, the festivals, the amusements of the great cities, the women find their lives varied in many ways.
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