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Word: anchors
IPA transcription: ['æŋkɚz]
Pronunciations of anchors
Usage examples
  • Have you noticed how the Mussel anchors himself?
  • Girls wore silk waists embroidered with anchors in blue and pink.
  • Pennell was getting up steam and his men struggling to replace the anchors.
  • And they embarked eagerly forthwith; and they drew up the ship's anchors and hauled the ropes astern.
  • At 6 steam was up, and I was right glad to see the ship back out to windward, leaving us to recover anchors and hawsers.
  • The ice anchors were tripped and we steamed slowly in, making fast to the floe within 200 yards of the ice foot and 400 yards of the hut.
  • The anchors were let go, she swung to wind, and at the fall of the tide she bedded herself securely in the sand, her hull, machinery, and cargo uninjured.
  • My heart sank when I looked at her and I sent Evans off in the whaler to sound, recovered the ice anchors again, set the people to work, and walked disconsolately back to the Cape to watch.
  • All night the British and American crews toiled on, and when morning came the Belvidera, proving to be the best sailer, got in advance of her consorts, working two kedge anchors, until at two o'clock in the afternoon she tried in her turn to reach the Constitution with her bow guns, but in vain.
  • THIS DREADFUL SIGHT was the first of a whole series of maritime catastrophes that the Nautilus would encounter on its run. When it plied more heavily traveled seas, we often saw wrecked hulls rotting in midwater, and farther down, cannons, shells, anchors, chains, and a thousand other iron objects rusting away.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Peter Jennings, License CC BY-SA 4.0