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Word: angrily
IPA transcription: ['æŋɡɹəli]
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: angrily
    Meaning: with anger; "he angrily denied the accusation"
Usage examples
  • He was shouting angrily.
  • She looked at her angrily.
  • Paul turned on him angrily.
  • "Flies!" said the earl, angrily.
  • "What?" cried the Sheriff angrily.
  • "I won't," said Aunt Jane, angrily.
  • "You lie!" cried the colonel, angrily.
  • 'Indeed!' interrupted the cobbler angrily.
  • "I am not at all," said Arabella, angrily.
  • "You KNOW he has not," retorted Polina angrily.