Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: ann
IPA transcription: ['├Žn]
Usage examples
  • "You see," said Ann, "how helpless I am.
  • "But this is absurd!" said Ann with a frown.
  • I should say to Ann first and His Honor second.
  • What were the clerks swearing at after Ann went out?
  • How old will Ann's mother be when the book gets back?
  • Ann took a dollar bill and went to a department store.
  • "I hope their heads were not broken!" Raggedy Ann said.
  • "No," said Queen Ann, "you must fall in marching order."
  • Betsy tried to answer him, for Queen Ann was surly and silent.
  • 'You must not flurry yourself, Mary Ann,' interposed Mrs. Cluppins.