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Word: ants
IPA transcription: ['├Žnts]
Usage examples
  • "Why, just an army of black ants.
  • About the most unpleasant feature is the little tiny ants.
  • Each car as it drew up discharged more and more men and women, who ran like ants towards the assembly of their fellows.
  • "How stupid of them," said Katy, "not to know better than to put their house in the garden-walk; that's just like those Ants."
  • Its tongue was out, its jaws dry, its limbs extended lifelessly, and a swarm of black ants were crawling about its lips and throat.
  • One tribe would run errands as persistently as the ants; another would sing like the lark; a third would show a devil's innate fondness for stoking a fiery furnace.
  • Down they crashed, carrying their freight of black, clinging, human ants, while from the sea's depths a wave, a mile high, rose and battered the fragments to destruction.
  • The ant-king had come in the night with thousands and thousands of ants, and the grateful creatures had by great industry picked up all the millet-seed and gathered them into the sacks.
  • Just at this moment the conference was interrupted by a visitor, Miss Keziah Cricket, who came in with her work-bag on her arm to ask a subscription for a poor family of Ants who had just had their house hoed up in clearing the garden-walks.
  • They devoured many of their foes, and these also slew many of the ants; but help came to the emmets: now an ant would go up to an ape and smite him and cut him in twain, whilst ten apes could hardly master one ant and bear him away and tear him in sunder.