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Word: array
IPA transcription: [ɚ'eɪ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: array
    Meaning: an orderly arrangement; "an array of troops in battle order"
  • Synonyms: array
    Meaning: an impressive display; "it was a bewildering array of books"; "his tools were in an orderly array on the basement wall"
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: range, array, lay_out, set_out
    Meaning: lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line; "lay out the clothes"; "lay out the arguments"
Usage examples
  • I'm sorry, but it wouldn't do--here," and the doctor motioned to the glittering array of cut glass and plate.
  • This formidable array brought us to our senses: we began to think that maybe discretion was the better part of valor.
  • Then from Their hills the gods sent down a great array of cliffs against hard, red rocks, and bade them march against Slid.
  • On the day the storm ceased Walter left his high stool and ponderous book early and joined his friends in solid array in their square.
  • We have worshipped with the lily, we have meditated with the lotus, we have charged in battle array with the rose and the chrysanthemum.
  • King Guthrum lay on the upper land, On a single road at gaze, And his foe must come with lean array, Up the left arm of the cloven way, To the meeting of the ways.
  • And again Slid called up out of his deep a mighty array of waves and sent them roaring against the guardians of the gods, and the red rocks frowned and smote them.
  • At the first glance I was reminded of a museum. The tiled floor was thick with dust, and a remarkable array of miscellaneous objects was shrouded in the same grey covering.
  • They were looking at the table (which was spread out in great array); for these young housekeepers are always nervous on such points, and like to see that everything is right.
  • No light could penetrate between their huge cones, and complete darkness reigned beneath those giants; they formed settlements of domes placed in close array like the round, thatched roofs of a central African city.