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Word: arrivals
IPA transcription: [ɚ'aɪvəlz]
Pronunciations of arrivals
Usage examples
  • Let us go and look at the arrivals. They will hardly follow us there."
  • The other pirates had left very little for the new arrivals to take, and this seemed to annoy them so much that they gave vent to their ill-feelings in several ways, not the least wanton being the pollution of the ship's fresh water.
  • Peals of jeering laughter from persons unseen greeted Tik-Tok's failure, and the new arrivals in this strange land found it very uncomfortable to realize that there were many creatures around them who were invisible, yet could be heard plainly.
  • Here she steadily resisted all temptations to stop and look at the new arrivals of birds, and to feed the carrier-pigeons who seemed to be expecting her, and who turned their soft eyes up at her reproachfully when she failed to pay her respects to them.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Canadians, License CC BY-SA 4.0