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Word: asbestos
IPA transcription: [æsb'ɛstəs]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: asbestos
    Meaning: a fibrous amphibole; used for making fireproof articles; inhaling fibers can cause asbestosis or lung cancer
Usage examples
  • Hell is paved with good intentions--also asbestos.
  • We got some asbestos sheeting from the magnetic hut and made the best shelter we could to boil our cocoa.
  • In order to show how the head, eyes, and lungs are protected, the fireman put on the asbestos and wire-gauze cap, and the cuirass, and held the shield before his breast.
  • The pompiers were clothed in asbestos, over which was a network of iron. Some of them, it was stated, who wore double gloves of amianthus, held a red-hot bar during four minutes.
  • The incombustible pieces of dress which he uses for the body, arms, and legs, are formed out of strong cloth, which has been steeped in a solution of alum, while those for the head, hands, and feet, are made of cloth of asbestos or amianthus.
  • In order to prove the efficacy of this apparatus, and inspire the firemen with confidence in its protection, he showed them that a finger first enveloped in asbestos, and then in a double case of wire-gauze, might be held a long time in the flame of a spirit-lamp or candle before the heat became inconvenient.