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Word: aspiration
IPA transcription: [,æspɚ'eɪʃən]
Pronunciations of aspiration
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: aspiration
    Meaning: a will to succeed
Usage examples
  • On all accounts, I am sure.' (This, as a philanthropic aspiration.)
  • Property, the family, the state, are sacred; but aspiration toward the recognition of the equality of men is insanity.
  • Communism--or association in a simple form--is the necessary object and original aspiration of the social nature, the spontaneous movement by which it manifests and establishes itself.
  • These conditions give her the choice between the surgeon's instruments and the sacrificing of what is highest and holiest in her--her aspiration to freedom, her desire to protect the children already hers.
  • How could a man who so eloquently attracts people toward honors, permit that the very aspiration toward that which was great be crushed together with rank and distinction for services, and, with the destruction of all degrees, "the motives for all high undertakings be stifled"?
  • To those who've fail'd, in aspiration vast, To unnam'd soldiers fallen in front on the lead, To calm, devoted engineers--to over-ardent travelers--to pilots on their ships, To many a lofty song and picture without recognition--I'd rear laurel-cover'd monument, High, high above the rest--To all cut off before their time, Possess'd by some strange spirit of fire, Quench'd by an early death.
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