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Word: assuring
IPA transcription: [əʃ'ʊɹɪŋ]
Pronunciations of assuring
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: assuring
    Meaning: giving confidence
Usage examples
  • But he would not go back one step, assuring me that my horse was a trained hunter and accustomed to such sights.
  • With his heart continually assuring him that he was despicable, he could not exist without making it, through his actions, apparent to all men.
  • She began assuring him she would not stay long, only another ten minutes, only five minutes; but the tax-collector stuck obstinately to his point.
  • As I turned away he closed his door with a slam,—a delicate way of assuring me that he was acting in good faith, and not preparing to puncture my back with a rifle-ball.
  • If I accept his offer it will at least be the means of assuring your safe return to civilization and that" he added, "is worth more to me than all the planes in the British Air Service."
  • I think I have been explicit enough in assuring you, that, when I see you merit my confidence, you will obtain it. After what is past, sir, can you expect I should take you upon your word?"
  • I think Faye was the first to mention it, saying it was a "great success"; then the others said "perfectly delicious," and so on, but at the same time assuring me that a large piece had been left for me.
  • For generations we have had homilies on "The Yoke of Christ"--some delighting in portraying its narrow exactions; some seeking in these exactions the marks of its divinity; others apologizing for it, and toning it down; still others assuring us that, although it be very bad, it is not to be compared with the positive blessings of Christianity.
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