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Word: attire
IPA transcription: [ət'aɪɚ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: attire, garb, dress
    Meaning: clothing of a distinctive style or for a particular occasion; "formal attire"; "battle dress"
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: overdress, dress_up, fig_out, fig_up, deck_up, gussy_up, fancy_up, trick_up, deck_out, trick_out, prink, attire, get_up, rig_out, tog_up, tog_out
    Meaning: put on special clothes to appear particularly appealing and attractive; "She never dresses up, even when she goes to the opera"; "The young girls were all fancied up for the party"
Usage examples
  • Up to eleven o'clock certain attire was proper.
  • To look at your airy attire one would imagine that it was summer instead of autumn.
  • Whilst he gave these curt and concise orders, he had completed his change of attire.
  • She was remarkably neat in her whole personal attire; but she was dainty as to the fit of her shoes and gloves.
  • With this apostrophe Mr Fledgeby appropriately proceeded to divest himself of his Turkish garments, and invest himself with Christian attire.
  • Neither too high, nor too low; it is equally ridiculous either to pretend to be the most showy, or to display the meanest attire in an assembly.
  • "I suppose, sir, I must change my attire?" replied Edward, looking at his forester's dress; "that will hardly accord with the office of secretary."
  • Our bearded and sun-burned faces, long hair, and generally rough attire, added to our unfriendly attitude, must have puzzled the approaching horsemen.
  • Their festal attire bore the marks of a once careless luxury, but now shabbiness tried to hide itself under the bravery of tinsel, where once had been pure gold.
  • Certain fashionables seek to gain a kind of reputation by the odd choice of their attire, and by their eagerness to seize upon the first caprices of the fashions.