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Word: attract
IPA transcription: [ətɹ'ækt]
Pronunciations of attract
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: attract, pull, pull_in, draw, draw_in
    Meaning: direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes; "Her good looks attract the stares of many men"; "The ad pulled in many potential customers"; "This pianist pulls huge crowds"; "The store owner was happy that the ad drew in many new customers"
  • Synonyms: attract, appeal
    Meaning: be attractive to; "The idea of a vacation appeals to me"; "The beautiful garden attracted many people"
Usage examples
  • Does not like always attract like?
  • A large force will attract attention.
  • "You might attract the attention of the Lone Wolf.
  • She then made a slight noise to attract Karl's attention.
  • Does the pain of toil repel more than its fruits attract?
  • An artificial island may be made to attract ducks, when there is no real one.
  • In the sumac he uttered not the faintest "Chip!" that might attract attention.
  • Stepan Arkadyevitch saw Matvey wanted to make a joke and attract attention to himself.
  • Their brightness might unexpectedly attract certain dangerous occupants of these waterways."
  • The Reds had a religion, as you might call it; but this religion had failed to attract Peter.
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