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Word: axiom
IPA transcription: ['æksiəm]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: maxim, axiom
    Meaning: a saying that is widely accepted on its own merits
Usage examples
  • Let us not hesitate to denounce as false this proposition which is presented to us as an axiom.
  • Louis XIV., to whom his mother had taught this axiom, together with many others, understood at once that the cardinal must be very ill.
  • The most enlightened Americans attribute the subordinate influence of the press to this excessive dissemination; and it is adopted as an axiom of political science in that country that the only way to neutralize the effect of public journals is to multiply them indefinitely.
  • Why The President Of The United States Does Not Require The Majority Of The Two Houses In Order To Carry On The Government It is an established axiom in Europe that a constitutional King cannot persevere in a system of government which is opposed by the two other branches of the legislature.
  • And I won't go through all the axioms laid down by Russian boys on that subject, all derived from European hypotheses; for what's a hypothesis there, is an axiom with the Russian boy, and not only with the boys but with their teachers too, for our Russian professors are often just the same boys themselves.
  • This view, which has obtained without question in every work on the native religions of America, has arisen partly from habits of thought difficult to break, partly from mistranslations of native words, partly from the foolish axiom of the early missionaries, "The gods of the gentiles are devils." Yet their own writings furnish conclusive proof that no such distinction existed out of their own fancies.