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Word: balancing
IPA transcription: [b'ælənsɪŋ]
Pronunciations of balancing
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: reconciliation, balancing
    Meaning: getting two things to correspond; "the reconciliation of his checkbook and the bank statement"
Usage examples
  • He hesitated, balancing awkwardly on one foot.
  • When the lights went up fully, the Phoenix, balancing itself on the gilded back of a chair, swayed in ecstasy.
  • Tom climbed over the logs in the tender; then, balancing carefully, he stood up and clutched the top of the swaying freight car.
  • Sometimes we could see a hawk balancing himself on his wings under the grey cloud, and then darting away south with rapid flight.
  • Exactly my own views, Mr Boffin.' Here Wegg rose, and balancing himself on his wooden leg, fluttered over his prey with extended hand.
  • But as my mother has not murdered my father, and afterwards married my uncle, I shouldn't know what to think about, unless it were balancing the chances of our having a well-cooked dinner or not.
  • Sometimes it would leap down rocky shelves, making small cascades, over which the trees threw their broad balancing sprays and long nameless weeds hung in fringes from the impending banks, dripping with diamond drops.
  • Cats usually, but not always, fall on their feet, because of the facility with which they balance themselves when springing from a height, which power of balancing is in some degree produced by the flexibility of the heel, the bones of which have no fewer than four joints.
  • The duplexes above described could not be used on a railroad telegraph system, because of the necessity of electrically balancing the line, which, while entirely feasible on a through line, would not be practicable between a number of intercommunicating points. Edison's phonoplex normally doubled the capacity of telegraph lines, whether employed on way business or through traffic, but in actual practice made it possible to obtain more than double service.
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