Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: balin
IPA transcription: [b'ælɪn]
Usage examples
  • In King Arthur's court, said Balin.
  • Now go we hence, said Balin, and well be we met.
  • As for that, said Balin, dread you not, we will do what we may.
  • Ah! said Balin, ye are Merlin; we will be ruled by your counsel.
  • Nay, said Balin, for this sword will I keep, but it be taken from me with force.
  • And so Balin made her to bleed by her good will, but her blood helped not the lady.
  • Well, said Balin, she shall bleed as much as she may bleed, but I will not lose the life of her whiles my life lasteth.
  • Anon after, Balin sent for his horse and armour, and so would depart from the court, and took his leave of King Arthur.
  • Also he told Arthur how Balin the worshipful knight shall give the dolorous stroke, whereof shall fall great vengeance.
  • That shall I do, said Balin, and that I make vow unto knighthood; and so he departed from this knight with great sorrow.