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Word: ballads
IPA transcription: [b'ælədz]
Usage examples
  • That class is a large one in our country villages, and these books reflect its thoughts and manners as half-penny ballads do the life of the streets of London.
  • Two or three chairs, a table, and a large sea-chest formed the principal movables. About the wall were stuck up naval ballads, such as "Admiral Hosier's Ghost,"
  • The collection of ballads will in future be reserved for private study, with the object of making poetry tributary'--Wegg was so proud of having found this word, that he said it again, with a capital letter--'Tributary, to friendship.
  • The ballads are not more true to the facts; but they give us, in a coarser form, far more of the spirit than we get from the same facts reflected in the intellect of a Dickens, for instance, or of any writer far enough above the scene to be properly its artist.