Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: banquets
IPA transcription: [b'æŋkwəts]
Usage examples
  • Trumpets were used for various purposes:--in war; in hunting; for signals during meetings and banquets; as a mark of honour on the arrival of distinguished visitors; and such like.
  • They spread the marriage-feasts and banquets and lastly Ardashir went in unto the Princess and found her a jewel which had been hidden, an union pearl unthridden and a filly that none but he had ridden, so he notified this to his sire.
  • We haven't the pluck of the old fellows, who, that they might look death himself in the face without dismay, accustomed themselves, even at their banquets, to the sight of his most loathsome handiwork, his most significant symbol--and enjoyed their wine the better for it!--your friend Horace, for instance."