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Word: bathing
IPA transcription: [b'eɪðɪŋ]
Pronunciations of bathing
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: bathing
    Meaning: immersing the body in water or sunshine
  • Synonyms: washup, bathing
    Meaning: the act of washing yourself (or another person)
Usage examples
  • Two people were bathing in the sea.
  • "And so they've been bathing you too," said another to the baby.
  • Each wore a tightly fitting bathing dress that hid nothing of the shining, dripping beauty of their youthful forms.
  • He recommended it for all the children, but particularly for the weakness in little Bella's throat,--both sea air and bathing."
  • It happened, about two months after the talk on the piazza, that Dolly was bathing with Kitty Allen, a small neighbor of her own age.
  • She had not intended to go into the water; but she donned her bathing suit, and left Mademoiselle alone, seated under the shade of the children's tent.
  • They always liked to swim in company with a grown-up of buoyant temperament and inventive mind, and the float offered limitless opportunities for enjoyment while bathing.
  • All the children who lived on the sandy bluff known as "The Cliff" were in the habit of bathing; and the daily dip taken in company was the chief event of the day, in their opinion.
  • Then Mamma Florence would wait upon her tenderly, smoothing her pillow, bathing her forehead or rubbing her poor back, and bringing her all kinds of good things in the doll-house dishes.
  • "The second maxim is this: You are the son of a Raja; whenever you go to bathe, do not bathe at the common bathing place, but at a place by yourself; give me my coin," and the Prince did so.
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