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Word: battered
IPA transcription: [b'ætɚd]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: battered, beat-up, beaten-up
    Meaning: damaged by blows or hard usage; "a battered old car"; "the beaten-up old Ford"
  • Synonyms: battered
    Meaning: damaged especially by hard usage; "his battered old hat"
Usage examples
  • Well battered, but still alive.
  • His battered hat rolled from the bench to the ground.
  • Once again they took the rail up and battered their way through.
  • On a broken chair stood a candle in a battered copper candlestick.
  • Frenzied by defeat and their heaps of dead, the Soviet troops opened a tornado of steel and flame against the battered building.
  • Thornton was himself bruised and battered, and he went carefully over Buck's body, when he had been brought around, finding three broken ribs.
  • But from far away the West Wind came with news of three grey travellers wrapt round with battered cloaks that carried away between them a golden ball.
  • It was a box full of children's battered toys, old-fashioned and quaint; the toys in vogue thirty--forty--fifty years earlier, when Miss Terry was a child.
  • Down they crashed, carrying their freight of black, clinging, human ants, while from the sea's depths a wave, a mile high, rose and battered the fragments to destruction.
  • Nevertheless, the house of l'Estorade had done its best; the cupboards had been ransacked, and its last man beaten up for the dinner, which was served to us on old silver dishes, blackened and battered.