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Word: beams
IPA transcription: [b'imz]
Pronunciations of beams
Usage examples
  • No beams have been broken out.
  • It stood upon beams, and had a high staircase.
  • It stood upon beams, and had a high staircase.
  • The moon cast lean grey beams of light between the cypresses.
  • The July sun is shining hotly, and sends its beams deep down into the water.
  • Michael, with as abrupt an agility, caught one of the beams of the cross and saved himself from falling.
  • The carpenter has been setting up standards and roof beams for the stables, which will be completed in a few days.
  • But if we want to swallow such camels, and, instead, strain at gnats, let the beams stand and judge the motes, we also might indeed be satisfied with the Council.
  • So one evening she had gone down to draw the beer, and she happened to look up at the ceiling while she was drawing, and she saw a mallet stuck in one of the beams.
  • Glenmont is a rather elaborate and florid building in Queen Anne English style, of brick, stone, and wooden beams showing on the exterior, with an abundance of gables and balconies.
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