Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: beauties
IPA transcription: [bj'utiz]
Usage examples
  • So, marry, my beauties.
  • 'There really are--and SUCH beauties!'
  • You never saw the like of the beauties!
  • One of his neighbours, a lady of quality, had two daughters who were perfect beauties.
  • Perhaps he'll be killed; but then if he isn't, he'll never give us these beauties as wives.'
  • "The second Ballade possesses beauties in no way inferior to those of the first," he continues.
  • In some things nature has lavished upon them charms and beauties which no human skill can imitate.
  • "About that," said I, with an inward chuckle, for I, of course, did not tell Henriette of eight beauties I had kept out of the returns for myself.
  • A sharp experience had made him as thoroughly a man of the world as a man may be; but it had not made him callous or indifferent to the beauties of life.
  • Soon after, the ladies took their places, and made the porter sit down by them, who was overjoyed to see himself seated with three such admirable beauties.