Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: beckoned
IPA transcription: [b'ɛkənd]
Usage examples
  • Winfried beckoned to Gregor.
  • Colonel Winchester beckoned to him.
  • The gipsy woman beckoned to one of the children.
  • I beckoned to him and he waddled forward, smiling oilily.
  • In the midst of it Virginia beckoned to the Little Colonel.
  • The cannibals beckoned to us from the peak, and we landed between the two volcanoes.
  • Seeing Mitya, she beckoned him to her, and when he ran to her, she grasped his hand tightly.
  • As soon as the judge had disappeared, Billy beckoned to his friends, who speedily overtook him.
  • Inch by inch he crouched upon his snow-shoes, and beckoned for Rod to approach, slowly, quietly.
  • The leader gave some word of command and beckoned us on, and the surrounding mass moved a step nearer.