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Word: bede
IPA transcription: [b'id]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Bede, Saint_Bede, St._Bede, Baeda, Saint_Baeda, St._Baeda, Beda, Saint_Beda, St._Beda, the_Venerable_Bede
    Meaning: (Roman Catholic Church) English monk and scholar (672-735)
Usage examples
  • That feeling is his value and respect for Adam Bede.
  • As Mr. Irwine paused, Arthur jumped up and, filling his glass, said, "A bumper to Adam Bede, and may he live to have sons as faithful and clever as himself!"
  • "'A May kitten makes a dirty Cat,' is a piece of Huntingdonshire folk-lore," says Mr. Cuthbert Bede, "quoted to me in order to deter me from keeping a kitten that had been born in May."
  • As to the monks subject to her authority, she inspired them with so great a love of knowledge, and urged them to so thorough a study of the Scriptures, that her monastery became, as Venerable Bede informs us, a school not only for missionaries but for bishops as well.