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Word: beetles
IPA transcription: [b'itəlz]
Pronunciations of beetles
Usage examples
  • I was interested, too, in beetles and other insects; I used to collect them, some were very ornamental.
  • He eats many kinds of insects, Moths, Flies, Cutworms, Beetles, Lizards, Frogs and Scorpions. Because of his fondness for the latter he is called the Scorpion Mouse in some sections.
  • We know that ants and certain Lamellicorn beetles are capable of feeling an attachment for each other, and that ants recognise their fellows after an interval of several months. Hence there is no abstract improbability in the Lepidoptera, which probably stand nearly or quite as high in the scale as these insects, having sufficient mental capacity to admire bright colours.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording The Beatles, License CC BY-SA 4.0