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Word: beguiled
IPA transcription: [bɪɡ'aɪld]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: beguiled, captivated, charmed, delighted, enthralled, entranced
    Meaning: filled with wonder and delight
Usage examples
  • Meanwhile, Julie Le Breton, after a first moment of reserve and depression, had been beguiled, carried away.
  • But this did not deter Ojo and his friends from trudging on, and they beguiled the journey with jokes and cheerful conversation.
  • “I suppose you thought it unwise to wait for the bluebird when you had beguiled me into breaking a promise, when I was trapped, defeated,—”
  • His ostensible occupation was something subordinate in the real estate line; he drove the beguiled Easterner in buckboards out to look over lots and ranch property.
  • And it was quite true that if Hetty had been plain, she would have looked very ugly and unamiable at that moment, and no one's moral judgment upon her would have been in the least beguiled.
  • Wellgood, or, as he believed, Sears, knew too much of life to be beguiled by any open clap-trap, and Sweetwater was obliged to see him drive off without having made the least advance in the purpose engrossing him.
  • Fortunately for William, most of his friends' parents were inspired by the same zeal, so that he met his old cronies of the week-days--Henry, Ginger, Douglas and all the rest--and together they beguiled the monotony of the Sabbath.
  • With suchlike conversation my old mess-mate and I beguiled our long railway journey to Liverpool, which we reached the same evening, but before we had quite exhausted our respective questions and answers respecting everybody we had ever met or known during the time he and I had been to sea together.