Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: bela
IPA transcription: [b'ɛlə]
Usage examples
  • Bela!
  • Bela sees to that."
  • No single arm could have knocked down Bela.
  • It was Bela's cot she saw before her--a cot without any sheets.
  • Evidently this intrusive little body did not know Bela or his story, or--
  • A pebble had done it all,--a pebble placed in the gateway by Bela's hands.
  • She was going to enter the room which had been barred from public sight by poor Bela's dying body.
  • "I shall miss Bela at every turn," remarked the judge, turning with a sad smile as he finally pulled the door open.
  • "You were not at the inquiry this afternoon, and may not know that just as Bela and the crowd about him turned this corner, they ran into a woman leading a small child, who stopped the whole throng in order to address him.
  • Then quickly, as she saw his thoughts revert to the dead friend at his feet, "Bela was not hurt here. He was down town when it happened; but he managed to struggle home and gain this place, which he tried to hold against the men who followed him.