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Word: bellowing
IPA transcription: [b'ɛloʊɪŋ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: bellow, bellowing, holla, holler, hollering, hollo, holloa, roar, roaring, yowl
    Meaning: a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal); "his bellow filled the hallway"
Usage examples
  • Like the bellowing of bulls
  • They came clanging up with loud bellowing, breathing out fire.
  • At this point there came a bellowing and crashing and tramping outside and Miss Priscilla's father, roaring fury and threats of vengeance, hurled himself into the room.
  • The Judge left the Court, looking deeply disgusted: But the Snark, though a little aghast, As the lawyer to whom the defense was entrusted, Went bellowing on to the last.
  • After a while he passed by a house, out of which came an awful screaming and bellowing; so he turned in and saw a Goody, who was hard at work banging her husband across the head with a beetle, and over his head she had drawn a shirt without any slit for the neck.
  • "Well, even granting that, I don't think health has anything to do with goodness; of course, it's valuable to a great saint to be able to stand enormous strains, but this fad of popular preachers rising on their toes in simulated virility, bellowing that calisthenics will save the world--no, Burne, I can't go that."
  • But the robbers, they knew all about it, and they said to the youth, that if he could steal this ox as he had stolen the other two, then he should be master over the whole band. Well, the youth set off, and ran into the wood; and as the man came by with his ox he set up a dreadful bellowing, just like a great ox in the wood.