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Word: ben
IPA transcription: [b'ɛn]
Pronunciations of ben
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: ben
    Meaning: a mountain or tall hill; "they were climbing the ben"
Usage examples
  • "Ben Gunn it were!"
  • Ben, run and help Harry.
  • "Oh, Ben, do draw me another little house!"
  • "Ben Gunn's not here in the body any more'n Flint."
  • He had said the truth: dead or alive, nobody minded Ben Gunn.
  • "Well," he says, "if they'd a ben some, I reckon I'd a got one."
  • "Oh, yes, I'm here," cried Polly, springing up to them; "oh, Ben!"
  • I had evidently got off by the train and Sailor Ben had followed me.
  • "I can't be as good as Ben," said Jappy, laughing, "but I'll be a real brother like him."
  • "I wish Ben was here," said little Davie, capering around the Whitney group, "an' Jappy, I do!"
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