Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: benches
IPA transcription: [b'ɛntʃɪz]
Usage examples
  • Damn them, if singing will do it, I'll raise them from the benches!"
  • At this there was ironic laughter from the Bolshevik benches, and imprecations from the right.
  • Everybody seemed to be watching Roy, and Phil walked on to the field and toward one of the benches without attracting attention.
  • On Sabbaths they were accustomed to purify themselves, and go up into the synagogues, and sit on the benches farthest from the ark.
  • He had wandered into St. James's Park, and had lighted by this time half-a-dozen cigarettes one after another, as he sat on one of the benches.
  • The benches were not filled; for park loungers, with their stagnant blood, are prompt to detect and fly home from the crispness of early autumn.
  • Benches surrounded this open space upon three sides, and along the fourth were heaped huge bowlders which rose in receding tiers toward the roof.
  • It was from lonely shepherds sitting on the hillsides, and from fishermen casting their nets, and from carpenters and tailors and shoemakers at their benches.
  • They called it the fasting room; but if fasting were the only object, why were they placed in those kettles, instead of being allowed to sit on chairs or benches, or even on the floor?
  • Even if I indulged in the modest luxury of a penny chair in the Park he generally confronted me from one of the free benches, never staring at me, but always elaborately conscious of my presence.