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Word: bergmann
IPA transcription: [b'ɝɡmən]
Usage examples
  • Bergmann was induced to enter the game.
  • Little Bergmann hadn't much lung power.
  • "Bergmann came to work for me as a boy," says Edison.
  • Mr. Bergmann, now I know where my power goes to,' pointing to the dynamo.
  • Bergmann thought it real, and never after that would he permit the whistle to blow."
  • The old man said to him, one day: 'Let's run up-stairs.' Bergmann agreed and ran up.
  • When they got there Bergmann was all done up, but my father never showed a sign of it.
  • Bergmann was a man of great executive ability and carried economy of manufacture to the limit.
  • Bergmann had won all the money, and when the porter came in and said 'Chicago,' Bergmann jumped up and said: 'What!
  • 'There,' said Bergmann, 'you see it's not here that you must look for your loss.' This satisfied the landlord, and he started off to his other tenants.