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Word: bewitched
IPA transcription: [bɪw'ɪtʃt]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: bewitched, ensorcelled
    Meaning: under a spell
Usage examples
  • She believed the coffee was bewitched.
  • He has been telling me how he was stolen seven years ago, and bewitched by a fairy.'
  • 'Why,' said the other, laughing and turning away, 'I think the moon must have bewitched me too.'
  • 'But she has been bewitched by a wicked sorceress, and will not regain her beauty until she is my wife.'
  • She had seen the children go away, and, following them cautiously like a snake, had bewitched all the springs and streams in the forest.
  • Their veterinary practice was mostly by charms and incantations; and when a person believed himself bewitched, a shot at the image of the witch with a bullet melted out of a half-dollar was the favorite curative agency.
  • The discovery that his pictures were restored to their former condition aided, no doubt, in leading him to the same conclusion as the other facts, whatever that conclusion might be--probably that he had been the sport of some evil power, and had been for the greater part of a week utterly bewitched.
  • I hooked myself instead of the fish, tangled my line in every tree, lost my bait, broke my rod, until I gave up the attempt in despair, and passed the day under the trees reading old Izaak, satisfied that it was his fascinating vein of honest simplicity and rural feeling that had bewitched me, and not the passion for angling.