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Word: biddle
IPA transcription: [b'ɪdəl]
Usage examples
  • How vexing!' said Mrs Biddle, kindly.
  • 'Mrs Biddle, WE meant to have that carpet.
  • 'Not another word,' said the changed Mrs Biddle.
  • Mrs Biddle actually stamped that booted foot of hers.
  • 'Little girl, don't be rude,' said Mrs Biddle, flushing violet.
  • 'You ARE a dear,' said Anthea, and she and Mrs Biddle kissed each other heartily.
  • 'Such nasty, prying ways,' said Mrs Biddle, 'will never make you successful in life.
  • 'I don't understand about that blue paper,' said Mrs Biddle. 'It looks to me like the work of a lunatic.
  • James Andy Wilkins "gave the slip" to a farmer, by the name of George Biddle, who lived one mile from Cecil, Cecil county, Maryland.