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Word: blaize
IPA transcription: [bl'eɪz]
Usage examples
  • "Blaize Castle!" cried Catherine.
  • Then Blaize, another aged shepherd, lifted up his voice.
  • Aye, and Blaize Castle too, and anything else we can hear of; but here is your sister says she will not go."
  • It appeared that Blaize Castle had never been thought of; and, as for all the rest, there was nothing to regret for half an instant.
  • Peter now had all that was necessary to secure the magic root; he stopped up the entrance to the nest, and everything fell out exactly as Blaize had foretold.
  • On the other hand, the delight of exploring an edifice like Udolpho, as her fancy represented Blaize Castle to be, was such a counterpoise of good as might console her for almost anything.