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Word: blockade
IPA transcription: [bl,ɑk'eɪd]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: blockade, encirclement
    Meaning: a war measure that isolates some area of importance to the enemy
Usage examples
  • After a conference with Pepperrell he hurried off to begin the blockade of Louisbourg.
  • Under the laws of nations, separate governments when at war blockade each other's ports.
  • The scheme of blockade was resorted to, and a falsehood was asserted on which to base it.
  • This was firm and clear language, but the only response which it evoked from Germany was a suggestion that, if Great Britain would allow food supplies to pass through the blockade, the submarine campaign would be dropped.
  • But the Government of the United States could not consent to justify its blockade of our ports on this ground, as it would be an admission that the Confederate States were a separate and distinct sovereignty, and that the war was prosecuted only for subjugation.
  • Finally, that the intent of the President of the United States, already developed, to invade our soil, capture our forts, blockade our ports, and wage war against us, rendered it necessary to raise means to a much larger amount than had been done, to defray the expenses of maintaining independence and repelling invasion.
  • It was the night Lady Glencore received; and, as usual, the street was crowded with equipages, which somehow seemed to have got into inextricable confusion,--some endeavoring to turn back, while others pressed forward,--the court of the palace being closely packed with carriages which the thronged street held in fast blockade.