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Word: boiler
IPA transcription: [b'ɔɪlɚ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: boiler, steam_boiler
    Meaning: sealed vessel where water is converted to steam
Usage examples
  • That is by cooking it in a regular rice boiler.
  • The donkey engineman was killed on deck sitting in front of his boiler.
  • If rice boiler is used there should be at least two inches of broth above the mixture.
  • If you have no rice boiler, but must boil it on the stove, more broth will be required.
  • Put all in a rice boiler if you have it and cook slowly until the rice is done. Retain the spices.
  • If you have an empty and detached furnace boiler, you might bring that along to fill with the stones you will dig up.
  • After the rice has browned a little, add the two together, turn into a rice boiler or steamer and cook until rice is tender.
  • Pour over the mixture a half cupful of milk or cream; add a tablespoonful of butter or crisco, and cook in a rice boiler or steamer until the peas are nicely done.
  • For the owners of the smaller grade of craft it was a material point in recommendation of this movement that, having no boiler or other parts liable to explode and wreck the vessel, an oil engine may be worked without the attendance of a certificated engineer.
  • Hence, he believed that only the minimum of work should be done with the costly explosive; and, therefore, planned to use dynamite merely to dislodge great masses of rock, and depended upon the steam-shovel, operated by coal under the boiler, to displace, handle, and remove the rock in detail.