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Word: bordered
IPA transcription: [b'ɔɹdɚd]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: bordered
    Meaning: having a border especially of a specified kind; sometimes used as a combining term; "black-bordered handkerchief"
Usage examples
  • So, instead of killing the bird-boy, he carried him many leagues back into the dark forest which bordered the sea, and gave him to a family of charcoal-burners.
  • Then it dashed away to the wood, the youth following; over hedges and ditches they both went, till they reached the rocky pass which bordered the herdsman's land.
  • Files and the Rose Princess, who had by this time become good friends, advanced a little way along one of the roads and found that it was bordered by pretty wild flowers.
  • And these paths are bordered and screened, figuratively and literally, with bush and trees of his own selection, setting out and cultivation--shelters of the familiar, the habitual, the customary.
  • He then distinctly perceived caverns frequented by hippopotami, green mountains bordered by golden lace-work, sheep with horns of ivory, a white species of deer and inhabitants with membranous wings, like bats.
  • A few more steps brought the party to the skirts of the thicket, where it bordered on a small clearing, opening upon the river, and looking across which--while they were themselves screened by the jungle--they discovered the dark hull of the "Sea Witch," with her lower masts and their standing rigging.