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Word: bough
IPA transcription: [b'aʊ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: bough
    Meaning: any of the larger branches of a tree
Usage examples
  • The raven perched on a bough and cried.
  • Coils and streamers of smoke floated about among the trees, and suddenly a gray squirrel hopped out on a bough and began to chatter wildly.
  • But one day an accident happened to him, and he was struck on the head by a falling bough, so that he fell from his horse and lay dead upon the ground.
  • And they seized Medeia, to hurl her into the sea and atone for the young boy's death; but the magic bough spoke again: "Let her live till her crimes are full.
  • The elder hunter bethinks him of a solution for this problem. The broken blade will do to gnaw off this bough, and it will serve to make a split in the end of it.
  • He stood braced in the fork, held firmly by one hand--the other, swinging his bright temptation, reached far out along the bough, but not quite to his full stretch.
  • Poor Miss Katy, with her flimsy green satin and point-lace, was one of the first victims, and fell from the bough in company with a sad shower of last year's leaves.
  • "The lamps are dying in your homes, The fruits upon your bough; Even now your old thatch smoulders, Gurth, Now is the judgment of the earth, Now is the death-grip, now!"
  • She made a timid reach with her right hand for the gay swinging thing--he held it a little nearer--then, swift as light, she seized it from him with her left, and dropped on the instant to the bough below.
  • Then out and spoke the magic bough which stood upon the Argo's beak: "Because Father Zeus is angry, all this has fallen on you; for a cruel crime has been done on board, and the sacred ship is foul with blood."