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Word: braided
IPA transcription: [bɹ'eɪdɪd]
Pronunciations of braided
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: braided
    Meaning: woven by (or as if by) braiding; "braided cordage"
Usage examples
  • I made them of the nicest rags, and braided them in stripes.
  • "I'm giving Anne that half dozen braided rugs I have in the garret.
  • Her coarse, black hair was simply combed back, not braided into plaits as commonly done by the Andean women.
  • The bark is of a bright cinnamon color and is handsomely braided and reticulated on thrifty trees, flaking off in thin, shining ribbons that are sometimes used by the Indians for tent matting.
  • Dolly was youngest of the family,--a thin, wiry child, tall for her years, with a brown bang lying like a thatch over a pair of bright inquisitive eyes, and a thick pig-tail braided down her back.
  • Later, she found herself repeating, as if it were a lesson to be learned, "Presence of mind means keeping cool, and having your wits about you;" and she said it over and over every morning and evening after that, as she braided her hair.
  • We are informed in the usual style of such pages, that "the well-dressed woman has begun to consider the little smoking-jacket indispensable." This jacket, we are told "is a very different matter to the braided velvet coats which were donned by our masculine forbears in the days of long drooping cavalry moustaches, tightly buttoned frock-coats, and flexible canes.
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