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Word: bramble
IPA transcription: [bɹ'æmbəl]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: bramble
    Meaning: any of various rough thorny shrubs or vines
Usage examples
  • "Me!" answered Captain Bramble.
  • "Do you promise me this, Captain Bramble?"
  • We refer to Captain Bramble and Maud the Quadroon.
  • CAPTAIN BRAMBLE did not long remain contented on board his ship.
  • "Well, mother, Captain Bramble says he shall sail soon, and then we can go round to Sierra Leone, and from thence take passage direct for England."
  • If the cat were at home, she would have her back up; for the young fairies pull the sparks out of her tail with bramble thorns, and she knows when they are coming.
  • Indeed Maud, who had been a secret witness of the deed, already realized that Captain Bramble was the enemy of him whom she had once loved, and whom she now so bitterly despised.
  • In the mean time Captain Bramble had found an opportunity that afternoon to see Maud, and to learn from her that Captain Ratlin almost always slept on board his ship, departing soon after dark for the spot through the jungle.
  • Captain Bramble dined with Don Leonardo that day, and his good spirits and pleasant converse were afterwards the subject of comment, exhibiting him in a fair more favorable light than he had appeared in since his arrival at the factory.
  • I carry the lives of six of you in this weapon, and I am not one to miss my aim, as your valiant leader yonder well knows.--Now, Captain Bramble, I will surrender to you, provided you accede to my terms, otherwise you cannot take me alive!"