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Word: brant
IPA transcription: [bɹ'ænt]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: brant, brant_goose, brent, brent_goose
    Meaning: small dark geese that breed in the north and migrate southward
Usage examples
  • We are shutting up the house, and I must give you and Mrs. Brant a month's wages and ask you to leave to-morrow morning at seven o'clock.
  • Especially is the shooting of plover, sandpiper, marsh and beach birds, rail, duck, geese and brant from September 1, to April 15, an outrage.
  • They should be as follows: No squirrels, doves or shore birds; six quail, five woodcock, ten coots, ten rail, ten ducks, three geese and three brant, with a total limit of ten waterfowl per day.